There are 7 basic face shapes to consider when you are cutting your hair. Round, Square, Pear, Oblong, Diamond, Heart and the ideal face shape is Oval.
So our goal is to achieve an oval face shape. People with an oval face shape can generally wear any hairstyle they want unless there are things such as glasses, a large nose etc.
 Ask your stylist to consider your face shape when getting your next cut.

Round shape- round hairline and round chin line; wide face.

Aim to create an illusion of length to the face by creating a hairstyle with height on top of the head. Place some hair over the ears & cheeks. It is also appropriate to keep the hair up on one side. Style bangs to one side.

Square shape- straight hairline and square jawline; wide face.

When need to create the illusion of length & offset square features. It should lift off the forehead, coming forword at the temples and jaw. Asymmetrical hairstyles work well.

Pear shape- Narrow forehead, wide jaw & chin line.

To create the illusion of width in the forehead, build a hairstyle that is full & high. Cover forehead softly with a fringe of soft hair. Semi curl or soft wave works best. cropped over ears.

Oblong shape- Long narrow face with hollow cheeks.

Make the face appear shorter & wider by styling it fairly close to the top of the head with fringe, curls, or bangs. Add fullness to the sides, drawing the hair out from the cheeks creates an illusion of width.

Heart shape- Wide forehead and narrow chin line

Aim to decrease the width of forehead & increase width of lower part of face. To reduce forehead width, it is recommended to have bangs slated to one side. Add width & softness to the jawline.

Diamond shape- narrow forehead with extreme width through cheekbones and narrow chin.

Reduce width in the cheekbone area by covering it with hair. Increase the fullness across the jawline and forehead while keeping the hair close to the head at the cheekbone.


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