Mags Kavanaugh

Hair Color, Haircuts, Perms, Trichology and Chemistry
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Mags Kavanaugh
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Mags is a cosmetologist, trichologist, and cosmetic chemistry wizard. She will help you understand the WHY behind your questions.


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Mags Kavanaugh brings 46+ years of expertise in all aspects of the industry from Film, T.V., Stage, to the Oscars & Emmys and Trichology & Chemistry.


With over 1900 articles available on the online membership, and 28k Facebook community members, Mags is known for her constant support to hairstylists

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We all love you and need you Mags!!! I'm 30 years behind the chair and really appreciate learning in depth the science behind the beauty -Susan Gallaher **************************************** I've always texted you for advice and you were one of the reasons I became who I am 🙂 This is just an amazing highlight of my career having client's come so far to come see me. I’m so happy and thank you for your help!🥰🥰🥰 -Jamileh PB
Susan Gallaher