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Hair Under The Microscope

The TrichoScope Digital Microscope illustrates the effects of proper and improper techniques in the use of razors and shears on the hair shaft and follicles.

Improper use of razor, the stroke is too elongated, always use a 45 degree angle with a short stroke.
15-ShearsNG Improper use of shears, these shears are not tight enough and they pinched the hair rather that having it cut cleanly. You'll know this from the hair pushing away from the scissors as you try to cut.
14-RazorOK Correct use of shears! Perfect cut!
Melted Cortex from too hot flatiron
Melanin- these are the Blue, Red and Yellow pigment in natural hair.
Split End
Melanin sitting in the Cortex of the hair
Blister from too hot blowdryer
When the hair is very wet, start on high heat but lower once the hair starts to feel dry and use a medium setting.
   Asian Hair- round / triangular shape due to follicle
   BAD razor cut, the stroke was too long
   Hair follicle, showing the hair bulb
   Hair bulb and it's components.
   Hair bulb  showing all components
Pheomelanin- red gold pigment.
Product build up
Anagen, Catagen, Telogen
The stages of Hair growth
   Elastic band too tight on the hair causes rip.
   Elastic damage- too tight!
    Wavy hair, the shape is due to the follicle
   Teasing or backcombing damage
   Hair, the way it grows
   Healthy cuticle
Teasing damage
Very damaged hair, high porosity
   Healthy cuticle, tight and compact.
bundles intertwined
   Pili Torti- twisted hair
   Cross section of hair, outer edge is the Cuticle, then the Cortex and in the middle the Medulla
   Follicle Shapes- the opening to the follicle is what gives hair it's shape, if the opening is oval the hair will be curlier than a straight follicle hair.
   Clean razor cut versus dull razor cut.
Make sure your razor has a new blade!
   Dermal Papilla- where life of a hair begins.
   Cuticle layers showing also the Cortex with Melanosomes holding the pigment granules

(Photo Credits - Gillette Company Research Institute, Redken Laboratories)

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